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Market Dashboard

The Rodan Market Dashboard is a subscriber-based service that displays a collection of information on the Ontario Electricity Market in a single, tidy window that is displayed through your web browser. It combines information from many data sources into a single display that is updated automatically as the source data changes.

The Dashboard is a suite of products which provides real-time information, forecast data, as well as historical and analytical information in several formats. The areas of the suite are described below. Customers may click on any area to go directly to the application, or you may click on the link to the right for an overview.

Dashboard Console

The main console combines real-time, historical and forecast data on one screen. Data updates automatically, and alerts are generated both visually as well as audio using a computer speech-synthesis. It is also a gateway into much more detailed information and live reports.

Supply Mix

The Supply Mix Report consolidates historical Generation Supply, Market Demand, Interchange Transactions and Market Price graphs on one screen. Detailed generation, price, fuel and import/export data is shown to the right of the main charts, and is updated dynamically by moving the mouse over the charts and clicking on any hour of interest.

Jumbo Screen

The Jumbo Market Status screen provides a large view of key metrics of the Ontario Electricity Market, including the current price and demand information. It is ideal for running off of a dedicated computer or large screen so the market status can be viewed quickly by several people.

Intertie Trader

The Intertie Trader provides real-time and historical analysis of the electricity interconnections between Ontario and its neighbours. There are nine screens that include both historical, real-time, and forecast prices for energy flows for these interfaces. Interface prices and flows (where available) include those published from the external markets. Several screens dedicated to Ontario’s Transmission Rights Auction (TRA), where participants bid to own Transmission Rights across specific paths, for a period of time, and are compensated when congestion occurs on those paths. A full history of the Paths and TRA rights are provided, including historical congestion data, auction pricing data, and return on investment analysis.

Private Reports

Dashboard Reports are provided to users of the Market Dashboard service. It is a collection of useful reports that allow subscribers to execute complex data queries directly against the Market Dashboard data warehouse. Using the Market Dashboard Query Express engine, users can view the data on-line or download the data in native Microsoft Excel.